KELLESIMONE WAITS, Oakland/Los Angeles based artist, has had solo exhibitions curated by Sara Driver at SPRING/BREAK Art Show in New York, N.Y. and Los Angeles, C.A., “Antithesis” a solo exhibit at the Linder Gallery at Keystone College in La Plume, PA. and participated in a number of exhibits at Corey Helford Gallery.

Femininity, the experience of being a woman and a love for the feminine, has always been the focal point of my content. The female form, concepts of what it is to be feminine, the male and the female gaze, sexuality, objectification and desire all have held a longstanding hold over my interest. I’ve painted about these ideas from the moment I picked up a brush and started making big messy pictures of princesses at about four and I haven’t stopped since.

Though my most current works aren't of women exactly or entirely, I believe that cats embody a lot of what I believe and connect with when I concieve of femininity. 


if you'd like to get in touch with me to you can over Instagram: @kellesimonewaits 




2020 Astro Trash - curated by Sara Driver, SPRING/BREAK Art Show, Los Angeles, CA

2019 Astro Space World - curated by Sara Driver, SPRING/BREAK Art Show, Los Angeles, CA

2018 Astrokitty Space World, Laser Kitten, Los Angeles, CA

2018 Astrokitties and Astrobunnies: The Wrestle for World Domination - curated by Sara Driver, SPRING/BREAK Art Show, New York, NY

2018 Astrokitties: The Arrival, Tieken Gallery | LA, Los Angeles, CA

2017 Astrobunnies: The Visitation, Tieken Gallery, Phoenix, AZ

2015 Transmutation, Project Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

2013 Antithesis, The Linder Gallery at Keystone College, La Plume, PA

2011 What’s Your Power Animal? , Fuse Gallery, New York, NY

2011 Action Comics, Known Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2010 Natural Selection, Perihelion Arts, Phoenix, AZ

2010 Venus Flytrap, Hibbelton Gallery, Fullerton, CA

2009 Power Plays, Frank Pictures Gallery, Santa Monica, CA



2020 Psychosomatic - with Greg Haberny - curated by Sara Driver, SPRING/BREAK Art Show, New York, NY

2012 Williams – Waits, Smith Andersen North, San Anselmo, CA - With Franklin Williams



Up Coming – 2022 Now That’s What I Call Art About Music Vol. 1, The Dark Art Emporium, Long Beach, Ca

Up Coming – 2022 Tiny Terrors Strikes Again, The Dark Art Emporium, Long Beach, CA

2022 Trash, The Dark Art Emporium, Long Beach, CA

2019 HELLO KITTY 45th Anniversary group show, Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2019 PSYCHEDELIA Group Show, Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2018 FANFARE - LA, Photo Independent, Los Angeles, CA

2017 Mistakes, Gallery ALSO, Los Angeles, CA

2017 Nude Survey 6, Sin City Gallery, Las Vegas, NV

2017 Sweet ‘n Low, Bedford Galley, Walnut Creek, CA

2015 Portal To The Future, Gregorio Escalante Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2015 SCOPE with Project Gallery, Miami FL

2011 SCOPE with 101/exhibit, Miami, FL

2011 LAAA Group Gala, Los Angeles, CA

2011 Sounds Fuse Gallery, New York, NY

2010 Aqua10, with Perihelion Arts, Miami, FL

2010 Girls Don’t Count, Shadow’s Space, Philadelphia, PA

2010 Draw Tour, Museo De La Cuidad de Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico

2009 14 Artists New Image Art, Los Angeles, CA

2009 Home, ArtSpace 404, Santa Rosa, CA

2007 & Blue, A Street Gallery, Santa Rosa, CA.

2005 Bright Lights, A Street Gallery, Santa Rosa CA.



Mills College

California College of the Arts



2011 Ralph Ducasse Endowed Scholarship, Mills College